Available Filings on SCBOS


All the filings listed below may be obtained through SCBOS.
SCBOS filings cost the same as directly filing with each agency.
SCBOS does not charge an additional fee to process the filing online.

Department of Revenue

W2 (Enter Online, Upload/Import Comma Delimited File-CSV, Upload/Import a file in Standard SSA EFW2 format)

The following registrations remain available and obtainable via SCBOS:
Retail Alcohol Beverage License (renewals only; dollar amounts are for renewals) On premises beer & wine (PBW) $600
Off premises beer & wine (PBG) $600 Brewpub beer & wine (PBB) $2,200 7-day off-premises beer & wine (P7B) $2,200 Sunday/Sabbath beer & wine (PRB) $700
Business (restaurant/hotel/motel) Liquor by the Drink (PLB) $1,705
Nonprofit private club Liquor By the Drink (PLC) $1,705
Retail liquor store (PRL) $1,405
Wholesale Alcohol Beverage License (Renewals only) Wholesale liquor (PWL) $20,200
Wholesale beer & wine (PWB) $2,200
Brewery or winery operation (PWY) $400
Out of State Liquor Producer/Importer (PLP) $400
Out of State Liquor Representative (PLR) $250
Out of State Beer/Wine Producer/Importer (PBP) $400
Out of State Wine Shipper (PWS) $600
Visit dor.sc.gov for additional registrations.

Department of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW)

Department of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW) Employer Registration for Unemployment Insurance Tax $0
Quarterly Filing (UCE-120) $0
Contribution Payment (UCE-101: the payment of Unemployment Insurance) Varies Low Earnings & Partial Claims Report (UCB-114) $0
Request for Separation Information (NET-101) $0
SCDEW BPC-178B Employer Wage Audit Notice $0
NET-101 Pre-File $0
Appeals $0
Unemployment Insurance Tax (UCE-151) $0

Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC)

Retail Food Establishment Application $60

Asbestos Abatement Application up to $1000

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