NET 101

The NET-101 is the online method for replying to unemployment claims filed by employees or Request for Separation Information.

  • A timely response enables the laid-off employee get their benefits sooner.
  • All responses are critical to make sure the Unemployment Insurance system is being used fairly.
  • Your response helps keep UI rates down.

Step 1: Log into SCBOS with your User Name and Password.
Step 2: Register as an eNotify Contact Administrator if you haven’t done so. After successfully registering, notifications of all claims will be sent to the email address(s) and phone number(s) listed in eNotify for the business.
Step 3: Wait for electronic notification from SCBOS regarding a claimant.
Step 4: Log into SCBOS and click on the DEW Agency icon and select NET-101 Request for Separation Information link (you will need your DEW account number and PIN).

NET-101 Request for Separation Information

Register for eNotify

Determine who will be responding to unemployment claims filed against this business.

  1. Register appropriate person(s) as a contact.
  2. Set up my eNotify Contact.
  3. Enter your SCBOS Contact Registration Code from the top of this letter.
  4. Log into SCBOS or create an SCBOS User name and password if you do not already have one.
  5. Enter the contact information for each person in your organization you want to respond to unemployment claims.
  6. Each contact you register will receive a validation email.
  7. Each contact must click the link in the validation email to complete the registration process.
  8. The business needs at least two Administrative Contacts so that if one Administrative Contact should leave the business or go on leave there is someone that is signed up that can add contacts.  This is necessary so that the business can continue uninterrupted to respond to NET-101s.

How do I add more Contact Administrator/Contacts

Select the Business Name where the new contact will be added. Click on the “Add Contact”. After entering the contact information, SCBOS will send an email validation to your newly added contact. A Contact must respond to the email to be validated. Only after an email is validated will SCBOS begin sending e-Notifications to your Contact. Remember, only a Contact Administrator can add other Contact Administrators or Contacts. 

Read the eNotify Checklist

Read the eNotify FAQs

Third Party Service Providers

SCBOS realizes that third-party firms like CPAs, bookkeepers, Professional Employer Organizations and HR services may or may not be the responder to unemployment claims.  Third-party firms will need options to create processes that work for their organization.

Along with the rest of the information on this page, the guide below will help business service providers use eNotify on behalf of their clients.

A Guide to eNotify for Service Providers

Get Organized Before You File

If you are responding to a claim, you may need some documentation to help the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce make a claim determination. Here are some of the types of documents you might need, preferably in electronic format:

  • Certified copy of a drug test
  • Documentation regarding employment separation
  • Final incident report or details
  • Company policies
  • Leave of Absence requests/paperwork
  • Original Agreement of Hire

How to Respond to an Unemployment Claim

To respond to a claim, follow these steps:

  1. You must be registered as a SCBOS eNotify Contact or Contact Administrator (see instructions on the left-side of the page.)
  2. Log into SCBOS with your User Name and Password.
  3. When you log in, you will see the User Workspace Summary page.
  4. Click on SCDEW NET-101 Request for Separation Information link.
  5. To go to the next page, click Continue.
  6. You will need your DEW Account Number and PIN to process the claim.  IF the business does not have a PIN, leave the PIN BLANK.  You will be able to create a PIN on the next page.
  7. If the business has claims to verify, they will be listed on the Request to Verify page.
  8. Select a claimant to begin the verification process.
  9. If at anytime you need to leave the application, you may click on Save & Stop at the bottom of the page to save your work.
  10. To complete the filing(s), you must put the application in the Shopping Cart and Check Out.  Don't worry, you will be guided through the whole process of checking out, just keep clicking on Continue.  You are not finished until you have your receipt.

Before you file, you may want to:

NET-101 Pre-File

File a NET-101 equivalent before Claimants file a claim

  1. Log into SCBOS with your User Name and Password
  2. Under the MySCBOS menu item at the top of the page, select SCBOS Blue
  3. Once in SCBOS Blue, click on Select a Filing/DEW – NET-101 Pre-File
  4. Here is a direct link to the Login/NET-101 Pre-File.

Note: You do not have to register in eNotify before submitting a NET-101 Pre-File.

Read more about the NET-101 Pre-File option.

Contact SCDEW

If you need to contact DEW about a particular claim, please use the contact information below:
Benefit Division