Low Earnings UCB-114

If you are an employer with employees in South Carolina, the way you do business with the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW) is changing.


Note: You do not have to register in eNotify before submitting a NET-101 Pre-File. You will be able to upload one file containing appropriate documentation.

Information on the UCB-114

What do I use the UCB-114 for?

Use the-UCB-114 for weeks of partial employment and other short-term layoffs. Use the UCB-114 application when a worker has performed no services because of lack of work or worked all available hours but less than his customary full-time hours and earned less than normal full-time wages because of lack of work during a claim week (seven-day period ending on Saturday).

Contact SCDEW

If you need to contact SCDEW regarding a UCB-114 filing, please use the contact information below:

SCDEW Claims Control Unit