About the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control


An SCBOS partner from the beginning, The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) manages diverse, yet interrelated programs to promote and protect public health and the state’s land, water, air and coastal resources.


DHEC can advise you how your company can ‘go green” by recycling, improving sanitation, and taking other voluntary steps to help protect South Carolina’s environment.


In addition, if your business involves an activity that could in some way affect health or the environment, you may be required by federal or state law to apply for a permit, file paperwork or take some other action through DHEC. 

For instance, DHEC:

  • Inspects restaurants and advises owners and managers how to improve food safety
  • Issues permits, licenses and certifications for a variety of businesses
  • Conducts sanitary inspections of health care facilities
  • Reviews newly installed septic tanks on property under development, and
  • Explains and enforces all other federal and state health and environmental laws and regulations


Currently, you can find this DHEC permit on our SCBOS site:

  • Retail Food Establishment Permit


Learn more about these permits — by reading DHEC’s FAQs — or get information about other DHEC permits, licenses and certifications.

Department of Health and Environmental Control and SCBOS

I Need Information

Opening a restaurant or mobile food service? Thinking about becoming a caterer?

DHEC has made changes to the Retail Food Establishment Permit process. Read the DHEC letter for more details.

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South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, Division of Food Protection and Rabies Prevention

Phone: 803-896-0640